21 Day Fast Mass Building – Negative Effects of Bulking

A good number of young bodybuilders who are lean and have a good muscular potential ruin their physiques by following self-proclaimed “experts” in the internet by eating as much as they can to bulk up, even that includes eating a lot of junk food. All this does is destroy your muscular potential and get you fat.

Award winning bodybuilding specialists Vince Del Monte and Lee Hayward of the 21 Day Fast Mass Building program have published a free report titled The Death of Bulking. This report shows the negative effects of bulking and how bulk up diets destroy testosterone, the number one natural muscle building hormone in the body.

What’s even more alarming is the fact that these insane bulk up diets promote the increase of estrogen levels in the body. Another important thing detailed in this report is how bulking up could totally weaken the body’s number one fat burning hormone.

If you want to know more about bulking’s adverse effects to the body, you wouldn’t want to miss Vince and Lee’s complete 21 Day Fast Mass Building. Their latest and greatest muscle building program will be officially released for the first time on January 11, for 3 days only.

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How To Build Chest Muscles

It has been some time now that you’ve been getting serious in your workouts, but you still look far from a person who actually lifts weights. If you are a ‘hard gainer’ because of your genetics or because of some other reason, you should consider following a different set of methods for weight training.

In this article, we will learn 4 essential principles that you should take into consideration if you wish to build bigger chest muscles and a leaner overall physique.

Rule #1 – Make sure you train short and lift heavy

If you are serious about bulking up and getting muscle mass, you should make it a point to train short and lift heavier weights. A great amount of calories is consumed when you lift weights and you will need all the calories you can get at this point. Staying an extra hour in the gym just won’t cut it. Don’t forget the fact that your body grows in your resting period. If you are considered as a hard gainer, you will be needing a longer resting period in between training periods.

But don’t get the wrong impression. Resting longer doesn’t mean slacking for a couple of days before training again. It simply means that you should do fewer sets and give yourself more rest time between workouts. When your goal is to reach your optimum genetic potential, you should be limiting yourself to 10 to 12 or fewer sets. If you want to get a leaner, more muscular physique, stop wasting your time on long and light workouts.

Rule #2 – Ditch isolated exercises

If your regular program includes isolated exercises such as bicep curls, tricep kickbacks, shoulder presses, leg extensions, etc, it is important that you immediately change your workout program. Commit to yourself that you will cut down your workout time. The wisest move should be to focus exclusively on compound workouts such as military presses, bench presses, rows, deadlifts and squats.

Rule #3: Your cardio workouts should be limited

That’s right, you don’t need to waste extra hours on long cardio exercises as long as you eat consciously. Important calories are just going to burn further if you go on with cardio exercises. These calories could have gone towards muscle development. Keep in mind that calories are vital most especially for hard gainers like you. You should not waste important calories on extensive cardio exercises.

You can maintain cardio exercises for general health, but these workouts should limited to two to three 30-minute sessions per week maximum. The intensity should be low to moderate.

Rule #4 – Make sure you get sufficient amount of sleep

One of the most essential factors in muscle gain is getting sufficient amount of sleep. But how much amount of sleep can you consider adequate to increase muscle gain and speed up your body’s recovery? How can you sleep the needed 8 hours amidst your busy schedule? The solution is to just sleep whenever you have the chance. You should take advantage of short powerful naps. A 20-minute power nap in the middle of the day is equal to 2 hours of night’s sleep.

Getting sufficient amount of sleep is essential because of the fact that growth hormone increases 30 to 45 minutes after you fall asleep. If you want to get serious about muscle gain, it would serve to your advantage if you can get the adequate 8 hours sleep. But for some, as few as 6 hours can be enough.

If you want to determine the minimum hours of sleep you need for muscle gain, you can do this simple test: For 3 days, sleep without an alarm clock, 2 on the weekday and 1 on a weekend. Average out the number of hours you sleep until you wake up naturally. Then you average out the 3 days. This is the minimum number of hours of sleep you should get every night.

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